After putting a lot of effort into your work you have created something that commands respect on the part of others. You have invested lots of money and much time in the matter that now makes you stand out amongst others. It has become your personal hallmark that signifies value and encourages others to trust you. Quite naturally, your social magnitude may have transformed into nothing else but your image.


To legalize your business, you may and need to protect your image from illegitimate utilization (infringement) in all the European states and, in some cases, even beyond European borders. One of the best ways to protect your image and publicity is trademark registration. Thereby, you protect your investments and simultaneously set the ground for the future expansion - e.g. by means of granting the rights of your brand name usage and utilization.


There are many good options when it comes to brand name registration, and we will be happy to consult you on each of them and support you in your decision making. Please, contact us now to take advantage of our comprehensive know-how!



Our services:


  • Consulting on trade mark development, registration and elaboration
  • Scenario development for your brand name implementation and utilization
  • Trade mark registration; or/and rights to an industrial design in Europe registration
  • Licensing rights development and registration
  • Your trademark protection; or/and rights to an industrial design protection