We want law to be on your side


It is widely known that being right does not always mean having justice on your side. This contemplation has caused many types of folk wisdom to appear, such as this German saying, which goes: "On trial and in the open sea we are all in God's hands". This circumstance demonstrates those possible risks that one (not only an official partner) may have to take on in certain controversial situations.



Distinctions between regulating mechanisms of different nation states...


Rights and norms express public agreements that basically bear the impress of the respective culture. Just for that reason the existing legal frameworks differ in so many ways.  Thus, in the European cultural space, there are Roman law fundamentals as well as the essentials from Anglican legal conventions; and the differences between the latter are truly limitless. If we try to apply this same reasoning to the Eastern European and Asian cultures, not mentioning the Arabian Peninsula, we will most probably see the multitude of regulating alternatives that would hardly ever be in the competence of just one person.


It should be noted that in different cultural circles there are fairly distinct ways of consulting and legal representation regulation. Considering that, legal framing conditions are provided by regionally distinct service structures. For instance, in Switzerland legal consulting is mostly non-regulated, while in neighboring Germany there are such framing conditions, formed by means of laws and resolutions that it seems they are rather meant to preserve segregation than to improve quality.  



... and ways of entrepreneurial protection


Enterprises that operate internationally often have to face risks that inevitably flow out of such function of human activity, which, in fact, is characteristic to all cultural circles, as business activity. Naturally, it simply can't be performed without discrepancies and disagreements, for it is cultural differences and diverse values-conceptions that stimulate and accelerate the process of product- and services exchange.



Our services:


  • Civil-law contracts format and content development (for enterprises)
  • Business representation in the matters of national and international arbitration proceedings
  • Specific legal issues analysis in the course of expertise
  • Business representation and support in case of the conflicts in the labor law field
  • Business representation and support in the framework of action proceedings in domestic and international courts