Your rights of staying abroad


The right to freely choose the place of residence i.e. one's right to reside at any country of the European Community at one's own discretion, is a vital fundamental right for any European. This condition also promotes economic development of the European community, because entrepreneurs regardless of their European origin need not to worry about their right of stay in any other European country. But this freedom is no longer valid outside the borders of the European Union, and that enchains the economic dynamics that comes from the EU's neighboring states.


However, in terms of specific domestic interests based on differing priorities, certain nation states of the EU accepted incompatible mechanisms regulating the rights of stay and sojourn on their territory. Therefore, along with the query about the production sites one must also resolve a personal issue about their own stay. Whenever an entrepreneur is not a EU resident, these regulating mechanisms turn a simple decision about the production sites location into a multidimensional concept to be worked out.


Due to years of experience in the international clientele consulting, we possess specific knowledge and practice that allows us to successfully support our clients in matters ranging from rights of residence and employment law to ready-to-operate firm establishment. Our assistance to clients outspreads on to long-term consulting in the questions of cultural aspects, taxation and economic law.     



Our services:


  • Consulting on the issues of legal foundation for EU entrance and stay
  • Decision-making support in selecting the most beneficial European platform
  • Petition support in the matters of legal foundation for entering and staying in a country
  • Support in documentation development for the purpose of petition substantiation - e.g. entrepreneurial concepts development, etc.
  • Entrance visa petitions; petitions concerning sojourn and employment permits for the purposes of attracting foreign workers form the non-EU states
  • Independent entrepreneurial activity support