Private business establishment, real estate acquisition, land acquisition, business practice or an office expansion, etc. - there are many situations when a person may require financial support on reasonable acceptable terms. One of the most obvious and popular sources of such financial support is a bank loan, which, however, often turns out a rather problematic option after all. 



Elaborate preparation is the key


Every other person who starts a business is often poorly prepared for such an important matter as a visit and an actual conversation in the bank. Oftentimes, during the "credit negotiations" banks do not get clear convincing answers to their questions, for only 48 per cent of founders present their objective business plans to the banks.



Staying in the reality-plane


The fundamental rule of any credit negotiations is stating the true facts and presenting the real circumstances. You, as a borrower, who seeks a serious business partner, are ought to submit all the valid documents and present the accurate facts. Otherwise, depending on the circumstances, you may even face penal consequences.





The credit negotiations process puts a lot of preasuure on the loan debtor. As a credited party one needs to create a credible and impeccable presentation of the self, choose the right ceditor, compare services offered and optimize credit condotions. Along with a bunch of validations, endorsements and evidences necessary to assure credibility of the application, the situation becomes a true challenge even for an experienced enterpreneur.


A skillfull negotiation technique is an absolutely crucial factor in getting a positive responce from the creditors.  Valid documentation, however, is of no less importance regardless if one applies for a new loan or seeks the expension of crediting. Satisfactory documentation is a must even when negotiating parties are quite familiar with each other. Thus, a well-aimed negotiations preperation and situation awareness gain more and more importance for tobtaining of the desired results. 


We will be glad to advise you and tell you all about how to negotiate for success and how to create an excellent self-image in your partners' eyes. Our consulting expertise is based on the longstanding and specific loan-capital attraction experience.


When it comes to credit negotiations, we have the best knowledge of bank's requirements and expectations; and we offer you the professional assistance which is going to promote your entrepreneurial idea and will help you in moving forward.





  • Support with selecting banks
  • Bank loan alternatives investigation
  • Credit application compiling
  • Needed documentation, verifications and validations acquisition
  • Your commercial idea exposition
  • Business solvency and creditworthiness documentation preparation
  • Legislative and economical circumstances representation
  • Credit plan drafting; Financing plan preparation; liquidity and profitability estimation
  • Current project agreements and contracts analysis; marketing concept and sale concept analysis
  • Credit negotiations date agreement and coordination
  • Credit negotiations preparation and active participation
  • Coaching, advise and analysis of your conversational and negotiation techniques
  • Application for the financial resources
  • Negotiations record and evaluation, including obligations documentation, terms documentation and conditions record
  • Report-documentation preparation on funds application
  • Business solvency control and verification