Securing your investments


We guide you and assist you all the way through from the moment of setting your goals, investment object determination and legal documentation filing to the consequent  complete investments monitoring - in all the areas such as controlling, taxation and legislation. Furthermore, we perform other legal functions for you and act in your best interests to exceed all your expectations.



Goal setting


What you are looking for and what criteria you use in your search are the things you determine on your own. Herewith, we offer you the following options: 


  • Value Investing - cost-based investing. We offer you value qualities/cost criteria of the investment object. Our investment analysis, in this case, is based on the accumulated future profits and the actual value identification. From this perspective, your investments management is ultimately aimed at the undervalued (and unnoticed at the moment) investment objects.


  • Quality Investing - quality based investment. We offer you a qualitative assessment of the investment object.  In this case, our investment analysis is based on the search for leading assets - those with high or above-average qualitative indexes and the ones that already have first-class references concerning their growth and market segment. From this perspective your investments management eventually concentrates on the most advantageous investment-cost evaluation based on ratings.



Choosing the investment object


After exploring your possibilities of capital spending by means of independent market tests and researches, as well as risks and opportunities analysis, you (with our guidance) may finally assess the probable success chances of your investments. Doing so, we base the presented value/cost of the examined objects on the catalog of the specific criteria.


Our professional investment-object selection is aimed at the independent investment settling according to its real-first rate economic cost and the optimal risk-opportunity profile. Thus, very few investment opportunities are able to withstand our selection process, but, at the same time, they perfectly suit your personal goals and guarantee maximum profitability in the future. 



Our services:


  • Goals analysis
  • Investment object selection
  • Company's financial dependability verification
  • Reckoning of production (and other) costs/expenses
  • Trust management
  • Supervisory and guardianship board mandates
  • Enterprise evaluation