Toward the new frontiers


Would you like to leave your homeland in order to widen your horizons, obtain new guidelines, find a better life, run away from the bureaucracy or to simply seek an adventure wishing to get out of everyday routine?


There many motive forces exist for such a significant move that involves a long-term change of residence and other drastic life changes. Local bureaucracy alone, as well as far reaching political, legal and taxation decisions passed by the government, force many citizens to say: "I quit!"


Turning your back on the system instead of helplessly trying to resist it- is a decision that often takes a lot of courage and strength, but indeed unveils new ways and possibilities in return.  Depending on the circumstances and the country of choice you really do obtain a number of conveniences. Some of them are, for instance, an insignificant tax burden, better perspectives for business activity and its compensation, a better recognition of you business, a more favorable environment, a weakening of the professional responsibility, a better material property protection, banking secrecy, accelerated business doing procedures, etc. And all of it is due primarily to minor regulating and supervisory mechanisms.


Can the decision to change your residence be justified from the economic point of view much depends on what sources of income you possess and how well are tax agreement regulated between the countries. To turn this multifaceted complex residence-change decision into a quite successful step you should rely on us- your own personal partner and companion.


We offer you the experience and the expertise of our specialists. Our systematic and confident approach to the migration and immigration issues resolution provides you with high degree of security and reliability. You receive comprehensive competent consulting services on every stage of residence change process. At the same time, we keep on fully informing you about taxation-related dynamics and your personal possibilities in this area. Objectively, we reveal your concrete chances and point out your risks; and we always help you to make the best, optimal decision. To make long story short, our team of experts supports your aspirations for residence change in both professional and personal ways.



Our Services:


  • Your   specific tax-case analysis
  • Your tax and property deposit structure optimization
  • Hypothetical residence change analysis on all levels
  • Support in consular issues resolution
  • Receiving and processing of related petitions and forms
  • Documentation accuracy and completeness review and verification
  • Accelerated procedures support
  • Documentation receipt and delivery services
  • Secure dues and royalties payment
  • Written note of acknowledgement preparation
  • Business-related invitations to Russia
  • Interpretation/translation services
  • Documentation legalization and notary certification
  • Representation and support at the action proceedings
  • Information directories by county
  • Insurance procedures facilitation abroad
  • Virtual petition tracking
  • Business representation in dealings with authorities in the home country and abroad
  • Competent consulting in the matters of international taxation and law
  • Support in real estate acquisitions