For Corporate Clients
Business Model

Beings experts in the areas of law, economics and technology we know causal interconnections of key processes of your enterprise, for we rely on many years of experience of working in the sphere of medium entrepreneurship.  It is exactly the interaction of these processes that forms the potential that allows us, together with you, to turn the entrepreneurial concept into a successful model of an enterprise.


The most important part of your enterprise is your clients. To reach your clients with the needed themes and subject-matters - is a quintessence of you business relations model. We support you in solving this task and help you in broadening the circle of your clients as well as in strengthening your relations with them.

Guaranteeing the Future

In this world everything is constantly changing, and so do the requirements toward your enterprise; what is considered to be your strength now will definitely lose its actuality in a few years. In the long run, to keep up with all these changes, one should plan out adaptations and innovations, which will allow to tactfully respond to the development trends and tendencies.

Taxes and Your Rights

When you have succeeded in establishing and managing of your own enterprise you should also consider one more thing. That, namely, is retaining and reserving the most returns from the operation of your business, as there are many people who are willing to partake in sharing the profits.  Together with you, we work out solutions that allow you to reserve the maximum portion of entrepreneurial earnings.

Our ECOservices - Comprehensive Total Solution

The more complicated your products and services become, the more experts you need on your team - i.e. specialists who possess specific knowledge that directly correspond to and best suit the peculiarities of your enterprise. Therein, we also provide you with services that, along with the basic solutions, guarantee maximally individual service-approach.

Reference Book

Here you will find numerous articles that are easy-to-comprehend and definitely worth studying. Exclusively, we grant you with an ease of access and browsing. In our library we offer you complete comprehensive information on tax and legal consultation, as well as a guidebook and an encyclopedia on legal and taxation issues.


Almost every day we are forced to deal with papers and forms. But what would we do without those papers at hand? We would probably have to reinvent them or look for them in someplace else. This is exactly the job we are ready to take on.


Good tools - greater work! Our collection of useful tools offers you handbooks and manuals for broadening and maintaining an overview of the most important indexes. You may find our full selection on the following pages.