Our ECOservices - Comprehensive Total Solution
Total Solution Approach

We have enough comprehension and experience at our disposal to know what is of the most value to your enterprise and your partners. Thus, we do not just offer you certain services but combine them into a complex which corresponds directly to your needs.

International Establishment

Being an advanced enterprise, you offer key services to your clients anytime and anywhere. The more complicated products and services become the more insistent becomes the necessity to provide your clients with specialists who fully understand the importance of cultural environment factor.

Capex Management

We guide you and assist you all the way through from the moment of setting your goals, investment object determination and legal documentation filing to the consequent  complete investments monitoring - in all the areas such as controlling, taxation and legislation.

Bank Consultancy

Private business establishment, real estate acquisition, land acquisition, business practice or an office expansion, etc. - there are many situations when a person may require financial support on reasonable acceptable terms. One of the most obvious and popular sources of such financial support is a bank loan, which, however, often turns out a rather problematic option after all. 

Finance and Accounting

Business profitability and liquidity, as always, make up a crucial gauge of the long-term entrepreneurial success. On our part, we help you to select instruments that will make it possible for you to see exactly what you need to see. Thus, sometimes your horizons may broaden by much and you may see more than you ever expected to.

HR Management

One of the most important parts of an enterprise is the HR sector. To find the right way here is essential for success or failure of your ideas. Our experiences reach from recruitment and the composition of the legal basis to the establishment and analysis of instruments for controlling the HR exertion.


Today the effective coordination of your business process would be totally inconceivable without the information-technology (IT) means and equipment. Nowadays, many processes have completely shifted to Internet; as a result of that such issues as basic security, counterfeit protection, copyright protection or client protection become as important as never before. 

Back Office Services

In the age of Internet, you are basically maintaining your entire office in your lap top or on a flash drive.  We will provide you with anything else besides that in order for you to work in a pleasant habitual atmosphere. We will always do all you need, and whenever you need it.