GEMAG Germany


Limited liability Company that provides assets management and taxation consulting GEMAG Vermögenstreuhand- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is an independent member of GEMAG International Group- an association of independent firms specializing in the areas of economics and law.


The roots of GEMAG go back to the North Germany where in the year 1988 the consulting bureau was established which dealt with the issues of mid-sized business taxation and economics. Eventually it grew in to a consulting association which now operates on the international scale. 



History of the Establishment


From the origins to the international group:



Certified specialist in economics and trade management, Mr. Rolf-Peter Fichtner sets up a semium-size business oriented consulting bureau specializing in taxation and economics issues in the megapolis of Bremen/Hamburg.


GEMAG- an abbreviation which in German stands for "consulting association for the medium-sized business"



1988 till 1998

Business activity spreads across all the Germany, the concept is being developed for the transformation of the med-sized business oriented consulting bureau into the joint-stock company.




GEMAG, the joint-stock company, is established in Berlin




GEMAG Business activity spreads on to Italy



2002 till 2007

GEMAG business activity spreads all around European region; GEMAG International Group concept is being actively developed




GEMAG Ukraine LLC- the Limited Liability Company- is being established in Ukraine.  The transformation into the "global economics and consulting firm" is being successfully completed