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In order to survive on the long run, as an entrepreneur and as an enterprise, you must always consider and keep up with the ever accelerating changes and newly formed circumstances in your environment.  This long term success assumes the ability and readiness of your enterprise for any necessary transformations and reorganizations on all levels.


We show you the real meaning of the accounting and book-keeping reporting, and make its profound messages simple and easy-to-understand.

Taxation and Law

For over 25 years we are dealing with the issues of tax law and legislation. During all this time we had witnessed numerous attempts of its simplification on both national and international levels. However, since most governments finance the biggest part of their expenditures by means of taxation and their budgetary policies do not always comply with economic rules - all the efforts in this area were futile due to contradictions and interest-conflicts among various interested parties.


Investment is a supreme manifestation of the economic activity.  Any type of the resource allocation with the purpose of its multiple accumulation or future return in a modified form is one of the innate features of the human character.


According the fundamental principles of our consulting activity, we do not stop supporting you even after the boundaries of our possibilities and prior competences have been reached. We place importance on the fact that you can count on high-quality individual support that you have experienced while working with us also in the services area.

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