ECOsystem and Partners

Being an educated entrepreneur or an consummate enterprise, and knowing all the demands, concerns and issues of your clients you offer them highly professional solutions at any place and time. However, as your business grows and develops your own company management becomes more and more complex, while the needed products and services become more and more sophisticated. You know that in order to immediately respond to any changes you always need to remain flexible.


GEMAG - is a leading enterprise for medium businesses along with the private individuals mainly from the enterpreneural fields the range of our clients stretches from craftsmen and artisans to local enterprises and finally to the industrial enterprises operating on the international level.


Thanks to our foreign partners in Europe and Asia, as well as to our own international accounting and international tax law experts, we are able to effectively assist you even outside our national borders when it comes to dealing with statements and finance, taxation or juridical issues.


GEMAG offers you inter-sectoral national and international economic consulting (anything from taxation consulting and economic auditing to legal advice and managerial consulting) of top quality and combined with active support while reaching jointly set goals.


A inter-disciplinary team of licensed multi-lingual experts with the reputable backgrounds and expertise, coordinates international consulting services that we provide our clients with on their way to becoming global market players. Anywhere, be it Moscow, Valletta or London - our mandate receives all needed solutions from one source.

Pricing Policy

As medium-sized business consultants we recognize the responsibility for our price policy and, thus, we strive to offer you services that are both effective and reasonably-priced. We aspire for your business' long-term success to be based on a firm foundation.