Values and Culture
Consulting Approach

We look at any economic activity aimed at the benefit of the private individual or an entrepreneur from the following points of view:

  • Economic risks subsequent upon respective model of business relations on the one side and
  • Activity efficiency or the competitive ability of its characters on the other.
Origin and Expansion

The roots of GEMAG go back to the North Germany where in the year 1988 the consulting bureau was established which dealt with the issues of mid-sized business taxation and economics. Eventually it grew in to a consulting association which now operates on the international scale.


The theme of the 21st Century lies in defining self-identity and cultural differences. At the same time, it is not just a matter of understanding motivations, customs and cultural habits, but also careful and efficient digestion and adoption of the elaborated rules of public and social cooperation management. It is also vital to fully analyze and adjust our own carried-out position to the existing environment.