Our client-oriented price policy


As medium-sized business consultants we recognize the responsibility for our price policy and, thus, we strive to offer you services that are both effective and reasonably-priced. We aspire for your business' long-term success to be based on a firm foundation. Accordingly, as much as we can, we try to help and assist you in your success by setting an adequate price policy.


That is why our fair, reasonable prices correlated with the value created for your business, become a guiding landmark that leads to better serving your enterprise with all its aspects; as well as defining and then dealing with its issues. In serving you we always strive to reach the best results for your business, so you can take full advantage of the price preferences e.g. by obtaining numerous technical benefits.


Our price policy is carried out by means of absolutely transparent price determination. As a consequence, from the very start you know exactly what you may count on and what the possibilities to minimize your expences are. We never start working with our clients prior to discussing the price structure, and then we make sure we keep our mandates fully updated on the progress of any ongoing activities. To make it all happen we use our full service-volume accountability system that has proven to be effective when used by the company, which at any time allows us to record all the services we have provided.


Of course, accounting for our services even in Germany we are tied up by various regulations concerning royalties and taxes, for instance the provision on the rates of duty on the consulting activity. However, that fact does not prevent us from setting our price in effective and competent way based primarily on the value of the services we provide you with, in order to minimize your expenses and maximize your profits and benefits.


Hence, our professionalism begins at the point of our mutual planning of the services to be provided, which safeguards you from any unpleasant surprises in the future.