Exit or switch


In private life, situations often occur which require a precise balancing of professional and private goals as well as their associated timing. If you then find that you can no longer carry the previous time exposure to the profession, or at least not for a certain period at current levels, we will help you to identify ways to ensure that you still must not resign out of the professional development completely.



Home offices

If you already have practical experience in dealing with our work processes in place and are on the basis of this able to occupy a job position within our company, at least virtually, then there is the possibility of a home office which integrates you in our business organization as if you are sitting at the office.

Since you are then no longer bund to any office hours you can organize your time in such a way that it balances the ratio of private and professional needs. Already by eliminating the otherwise necessary travel to or from work, considerable time gains can be achieved which benefit private life.



Part-time employment

Another possibility for the mixture of private and professional times is the deployment of part-time contracts which can also be connected with the possibilities of a home office. In this way a personal and fair optimum can be achieved in professional employment without giving up the all-important continuity in the professional development by defaults from private life.