Change of job

And if you have the feeling to get ahead better in a different place we also assist you with change of job.




Careers are rarely as straightforward as we would like to believe. Since the personal settings towards all that surrounds us change with with the perception of the environment, a change of job for personal reasons is not uncommon.

As an employer, we at least know your professional strengths and weaknesses pretty well and  may have attended you quite a while on your way through the professional life. Because of this it seems natural to also assist you with a job change.




Especially as a consultancy we have an overview of the situation on a large number of markets, which helps you to correctly evaluate the quality of a workplace change. This is certainly better than if you try to figure it out alone. We understand it as part of our social responsibility to be supportive of our outgoing employees.




It is never ruled out that the way will be found back to us again. As said before: Careers are rarely straightforward.