An occupation within the consulting branch requires a high measure of autonomy even within the easiest exercises. With increasing complexity the wish for own freedom of design gets bigger. If you come to the conclusion that you can and want to reach that better in own responsibility  we also support you on your way into freelance work.



As a specialist among equals


It is a question of one's own development path and personality: If you get involved in a topic or subject with such dedication and passion that many others fall into the background and you specialize in such a deep way, it can happen that you - as an expert -  are hardly willing to work in given structures and hardly like to be dictated concerning things of your territory. However, you must then look for a base that allows you to generate the necessary revenues.


In such a situation, we offer you the opportunity to join our team of experts as consultants and act as self-managing specialist for the benefit of an integrated overall solution.



With an emphasis in Management


If you are more attracted by the entrepreneurial dimension of your occupation than by the individual specialist function and moreover find business processes, target structures and strategies very exciting, then you already look in one direction which more purports the management field of knowledge based solutions and processes than the actual solution or the procedure itself.

In such situations it may happen that you do not feel you are in good hands anymore when performing your present field of activity and therefore plan to change course.

Again, we keep opportunities on hand for you that build upon what you have done so far, and on this basis pave the way to your own self-employment.