Professional examinations

Depending on the manner of your previous training and practical experience you have the opportunity to sit the standard professional examinations of our industry. We support you in making decisions on the question of the appropriate career goal for you as well as in financing the expense thereby incurred.
Qualifications addressed are the examination of tax advisor and / or auditors.



Tax Exam

In Germany on concerns of quality assurance the admission as a tax advisor is attached to very high demands by the legislature. One the one hand academic education is a possible route to the profession qualifying exam, one the other this can also be reachable for a professionally trained prospective professional such as a tax advisor assistant. Depending on the level of education the required period of practice experience for admission to the professional examinations varies between two and ten years.
In the preparation of the professional examination for tax advisers, we support you through a variety of appropriate individual activities which fit your personal situation. These include mainly financial subsidies and the grant of leave periods.



Audit Exam


The job of Accountants and Certified General Accountants covers a multitude of tasks and services that go far beyond the scope of an accountant, even though many overlaps can be recognized at the functional areas. Due to the high quality requirements on the occupation of a professional auditor the authorization for professional exams is connected to higher requirements, especially in relation to the quality of education and experience. Again, we support you through a variety of appropriate individual measures which we mostly offer together with our partner companies.



Course of Studies

But even if you are seeking for studies or your promotion preliminary to the professional exam, you can take any waivers and part-time models from us into account.