A inter-disciplinary team of licensed multi-lingual experts with the reputable backgrounds and expertise, coordinates international consulting services that we provide our clients with on their way to becoming global market players. Anywhere, be it Moscow, Valletta or London - our mandate receives all needed solutions from one source. Auditors, tax advisors, legal advisors, and other consultants from our team guarantee competent services with no geographical, lingual or other barriers on the way to prolific cooperation.





In accordance with our tradition and experience we strive to ensure professional growth and maturing for the all of our own employees to set the ground for the future improvement and success of the business as a whole.



Service specialists


No expert can work proficiently without a proper infrastructure that can withstand high loads of pressure. Therefore another valuable resource of ours is our irreplaceable operations department personnel that backs up all our business activities and manages to maintain flawless and continuous support of our mandates.