GEMAG offers You:


national and international

economic consulting (anything from taxation consulting and economic auditing to legal advice and managerial consulting)
of top quality

                           and combined with active support while reaching jointly set goals
Our own responsible personnel representative who totally knows and understands you and your business will grant you access to all our services and will also introduce you to the infrastructure that we offer which will help you in no time to grow from small entrepreneur and become a strong global player.



Years of experience show that even the smallest enterprise may conceal unexpected potentials that only need to be revealed in the right way and at the right time. Consequently, we always assign crucial meaning to an individual.


You with your personal and entrepreneurial goals, life circumstances and their consequences are the center around which we and our activities revolve.  Trust-based partnership, personal support and consultation, as well as effective solutions aimed to reach your goals- these are the fundamentals of cooperation you may count on when working with GEMAG consultants.


Consulting of enterprises managed by owners and those businesses that have international ties occupies a special place in the spectrum of GEMAG activities. Besides that, GEMAG has specialists and expert groups that with the benefit for our clients can share their constantly accumulated unique knowledge in case if our mandate's major activity is concentrated in the different fields - for instance in financial markets or public sector consulting.  


Our consulting portfolio allows us to offer you services according to your individual needs and requirements considering you specific situation, in order to analyze and, most importantly, develop all necessary changes in the structure of your business enterprise, organizational and production processes, data processing, business management, project management, as well as venture finance and accounting.