The Pioneer and the assistant


Thanks to our foreign partners in Europe and Asia, as well as to our own international accounting and international tax law experts, we are able to effectively assist you even outside our national borders when it comes to dealing with statements and finance, taxation or juridical issues.


Possessing the inter-sectoral expertise which always meets relevant needs of our clients, GEMAG consults businesses and enterprises on many different levels.  It becomes possible thanks to legal advisers, taxation consultants, economic analysts and auditors, as well as managerial consultants who depending on the task support the client on the cross-disciplinary level through all stages of entrepreneurial activity - from concept development and establishing the enterprise to customer acquisition and international expansion including future planning.


Also, a wide network of service partners that supports you and your business in the implementation of concept developments and the related system management, guarantees that on any of the stages of your business cycle you will not be deserted and left without help or advice.