GEMAG Clients


GEMAG - is a leading enterprise for medium businesses along with the private individuals mainly from the enterpreneural fields the range of our clients stretches from craftsmen and artisans to local enterprises and finally to the industrial enterprises operating on the international level.



The Environment of our Mandates


GEMAG and its partners are operating in the fields presented below:


  • Professional training and retraining
  • Commodities and manufactured goods wholesale and retail trade
  • Convenience goods wholesale and retail trade
  • Industrial manufacture
  • Consumer goods, products
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Passenger services
  • Medical supply, maintenance and services including old-age care
  • Personnel leasing services
  • Tourism including hospitality business
  • Energy supply services
  • Financial services
  • On-land and underground construction
  • Real estate up keeping, maintenance and management including handicraft line of business
  • Engineering
  • Information Technologies (IT)
  • Legal and economic consulting
  • Communication services and entertainment including event managemen
  • Leisure industries including cookery/ gastronomy